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Société d'études, de construction et de réparation navales


1827: Recognition of Northern Madagascar by English Owen. First tracks exact Diego Bay.

1833: Recognition by Lieutenant Bigeault on board ship Nièvre.

1838 :

  • Occupation of the bay by the French on board La Creuse captained by Commander Michel. The troops are housed on board the Dordogne.
  • Treaty ending the Franco-Malagasy War from 1883 to 1885.
  • Governors: the Commanders Michel and Caillet.
  • Antsiranana occupied by a few families of fishermen, two small forts and one jetty built by the military.

March 1886: Following a Franco-Malagasy treaty of December 17, 1885, the perimeter of the bay is granted to the French, it is the autonomous territory of Diego Suarez, whose capital is Antsirane, as we wrote in time.

1905: Beginning of the construction of a dry dock with all workshops

1911: Completion of refit.

November 23, 1912: a Devastating cyclone, Mortages discovers the Andavakoera mines.

1914-1918: The port is deprived of his arms because of the First World War. Difficult period for the city. In 1919 comes the Spanish flu epidemic.

5-7 May 1942: The British, fearing that Madagascar is used by submarines Japonnais (allies of the Germans), attack Diego when lronClad operation. Combat violent: 150 killed and 500 wounded side Franco-Malagasy, 108 dead and 283 wounded on the English side. November 5, Madagascar as a whole is taken by the British government that put the government of General de Gaulle.

1942: 1.200 inhabitants. Completion of the arsenal.

1945: Installation of D.C.A.N. (Department of Construction and Naval Weapons) with significant material: the population will increase.

1946: The English make the city in France

November 18, 1956: First municipal elections. Leftward list led by Bezara.

October 14, 1958: Birth of the Malagasy Republic.

October 11, 1959: Another victory for the left in municipal elections. Construction Lapan'ny Tanàna (City Hall).

June 26, 1960: Proclamation of the Independence of Madagascar. Following the cooperation agreement, a military and naval base is maintained at Antsiranana.

1973: gradual evacuation of the base of the French.


  • Socialist Revolution
  • 2nd Republic. The D.C.A.N. becomes SECREN.
  • Following the nationalization policy in force and in renewing cooperation agreements, the Arsenal was taken over by the Malagasy government and nationalized on 1 February 1975. Arsenal has taken the name of the SECREN (Society of Operations for the Naval Construction and Repair).
  • Prime CEO: Mr. Lucien Zasy

In 1976: the shipyard was placed under the guardianship of OMNIS

1978: The SECREN became a socialist enterprise and its name becomes "Studies Society of Naval Construction and Repair" (SECREN).

In 1985:

  • The SECREN grew activity program with the tuna and the structural adjustment policies of the IMF and World Bank Executives (currently AFD) under the leadership of a new CEO: Mr. Ackram MOHAJY appointed in 1982.
  • The signing of the contract by the three parties to Antananarivo - OMNIS (DG Mr Hubert ANDRIANASOLO) SECREN (DG Mr Ackram MOHAJY)-NORMED (Vice President Edward Perolle)

In 1987:

  • Contract signed by the three parties in Paris: OMNIS (Capt V. Roland Ratsimandresy)
  • SECREN (DG Mr Qty. Ackram MOHAJY) EMS (CEO Claude MIGUET)

1988: The Malagasy government has realized the financial rehabilitation of SECREN which is part of the structural adjustment policies

1991: Signing of agreement between the three parties in Antsiranana OMNIS (Capt V. Roland Ratsimandresy) SECREN (DG Lt Mr C. Ackram MOHAJY) EMS (DG Pierre Delpeche)

1992: New CEO: Mr. Régis KILOBO SECREN and is placed under the supervision of the Presidency.

In 1994:

  • The SECREN always under the supervision of the Presidency is a limited company (SA SECREN) New CEO: Mr. Christophe Jérôme Nosy Harinony.
  • The SECREN SA was awarded the trophy "EUROMARKET AWARD" in Brussels

In 1996 she was awarded the trophy "ARCO EUROPA: Estrella de Oro (ARC EUROPE)" in Madrid;

In 1997:

  • Appointment of a new CEO: Mr Robert John GARA
  • Signed partnership agreement between SECREN and MGInternational

In 1999:

  • She received the trophy "STAR INTERNATIONAL PLATINUM" in Spain.
  • Establishment of a memorial stone SECREN at headquarters.

In 2001:

  • Appointment of a new CEO: Pierre TONIZATOVO
  • Rehabilitation Office Governorate

In 2002:

  • Appointment of Director: Charles Hilaire Solohery
  • Construction of a tug Jaolahy - TAGS

2008: Appointment of a Director: Aboubakary ASSANY

In 2010:

  • Celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the SA SECREN
  • Abel Ntsay named new CEO
  • Early recovery of SECREN after so many years of degradation due to internal factors such as the age of the materials and equipment, the continued existence of heavy loads of electricity supply, inadequate capital, poor management These factors have resulted from day to day financial losses, rendered almost impossible investments
  • Acquisition Financing: A recovery plan was put in place by the SECREN SA to return to profit by 2014. Such capital increase will strengthen the equity of the company and will be used to satisfy a large majority of its immediate financing needs. Thus, the share capital of the SECREN SA will be increased from 400 000 000 MGA to 8.4 billion Ar
  • This project will require funding of 14.2 billion Arairy (5,071,430 euros), of which 8 500 000 000 (3 035 715 euros) investment in equipment and infrastructure and 5.7 billion Ar (2,035,715 euros) in need capital.
  • Rehabilitation Basin Refitting and Technical Training School (LFS)


Le Groupement Interprofessionnel pour le Développement de l’Activité Thonière (Interprofessional Group for the Development of Tuna Fishing Activities...


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